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Atlanta Dark Fiber

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Need to connect offices together at very high speeds - like 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gbps?Net2Atlanta. can help you with leased dark fiber.


Besides being Atlanta's best business ISP, Net2Atlanta is also well connected in the dark fiber industry.  Atlanta is a city crossed with many fiber networks owned by a variety of entities.  We can find the dark fiber near you and your destination. 

Reasons to lease dark fiber:
Speed -   The bandwidth available via dark fiber is limited only by the electronics on the ends of the fiber.  Most businesses light their fiber to at least 1Gbps.  But 10Gbps is also common.  40Gbps is also realistic.  Newer technologies are pushing the speed limit up all the time.  But they all work on the same pair of fibers.
Security - A point to point fiber is very secure.  While it is possible, it is very difficult to tap into a fiber line.  So fiber is an important component in a secure network.
Metro-Area Network - Dark fiber can be used to connect various offices together at LAN speeds, allowing for the merging of multiple offices as if they were under one roof.  Video conferencing, sharing of phone systems, and file sharing become fast and easy.
Cross Country Networking - Some companies lease fiber or a wavelength on a cross country fiber to connect offices together over long distances.  To accomplish this, they may need to lease fiber from their Atlanta office to get to a carrier hotel where they connect to the cross country carrier.
Extremely high speed Internet - Dark fiber can be the gateway to multi-gigabit Internet speeds also.  Used as a path to a carrier hotel, dark fiber can connect a business to a many different transit providers at the best possible pricing.

How we can help:
We can identify the best fiber options for you
We can help with the network design, installation, and configuration
We can obtain space and cross connects at Atlanta's best data centers.

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